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Jan 16, 2019

PoultryWorl Insects as a tool against fowl typhoid disease

Source: Poultry World

Small amounts of Black soldier fly larvae meal can boost the immune system of broiler chicken and drastically increase their survival rate during fowl typhoid disease.

Heat-stress study shows need to increase ventilation with stocking density

Source: The Poultry Site

As bird density increases, broiler producers need to be “more aggressive” with house ventilation to prevent heat stress in flocks, Brian Fairchild, PhD, professor, and Ming Lin Teo, graduate research assistant, University of Georgia, told Poultry Health Today.

NFU President responds to the meaningful vote

Source: The Poultry Site

UK - NFU President Minette Batters urges that a no-deal Brexit could be devastating for UK farmers

UK PM May faces confidence vote as Brexit goes down to the line

Source: The Poultry Site

UK (Reuters) - Prime Minister Theresa May's government faced a no confidence vote on Wednesday after the crushing defeat of her Brexit divorce deal by parliament left Britain's exit from the European Union in disarray just 10 weeks before it is due to leave

NFU agrees six principles to deliver best Brexit outcome for British farmers, growers

Source: The Poultry Site

UK - An extraordinary meeting of the NFU’s Council has agreed six principles that will guide the NFU in its aim to deliver the best outcome from Brexit for British farmers